The NOVILAT range is a group of spray-dried Skimmed Milk Powder Replacers for mainly the ice cream and chocolate industry. The basic ingredients for these products are different dairy products.

The use of the NOVILAT range as a complete or partial replacement of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) has been largely due to the positive price / quality balance compared to the SMP. Replacement can be done up to 100% of the SMP. Our advice is to test the best ratio by the end-user in his own formula.

In some countries it can be interesting to blend the NOVILAT product with other products to minimize import taxes. That’s why there is for instance a NOVILAT V with 3% vegetable fat in the standard product list.

For bigger volumes Schils Food bv has the possibility to develop a (customer-specific) SMP replacer according to your process or specification.
Please contact us if you require our assistance here via the following link.

An overview of our standard range of milk powder replacers can be found here.

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