Schils Food bv is specialized in delivering customer-specific powder blends. These blends can be made with 100% dairy ingredients or a combination of dairy ingredients with for example cocoa, stabilizers, emulsifiers etcetc. Our in-house laboratory is well equipped to execute the necessary analyses to ensure a good & constant quality.
There are 2 ways to do this business:

From customer to Schils Food bv.

A customer may give us a recipe for a dry blend that we produce against minimal cost. The blend normally contains dairy ingredients as this is our main strength.

From Schils Food bv to customer.

Schils Food bv can develop a dry blend and propose this to the customer. In this case the first step is to look in our customer’s production process in order to check if there is a possibility to combine different dry ingredients into one blend. To make this work we need to have a look in your “ kitchen”, understand your business and have a close cooperation to define the best way to develop the blend. We also need to know the reason for blending (to ensure a constant quality, to save time in production, to save money).
Trust in each other is one of the main points when we speak about blending. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, and to find out for yourself why other customers are convinced that a close cooperation with Schils Food bv make things work!

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